Thursday, June 18, 2015

I'm a guest on the Rusty Satellite Show today, so go and listen.

Multi-modal Louisville journalist Rick Redding and I have many mutual friends, and we've "known" each other through social media and the internet for a very long time, but our first actual face to face meeting came only yesterday at the Public House.

The upshot: I'm on Rick's Rusty Satellite podcast today.

So is Christopher 2X, who like me recently submitted to a colon cancer screening, a topic Rick wrote about at Insider Louisville a few days ago.

Colon cancer screenings can save lives – have you gotten yours yet?

Here's the podcast pitch.

Go listen.

Talking with 2X, Beers and Blogging with Roger Baylor

Roger Baylor was advocating craft beer before it was such a craze, and he was blogging about important local issues when most people in New Albany didn’t know what a blog was. But now he’s made a name for himself challenging the status quo and politics of the city, and he’s running for Mayor. And still trying to convince people to steer clear of Bud Light. I’m looking forward to watching the Mayor’s race over there.

Coincidence? I don’t know but the same week that I was writing a column about Colon Cancer Prevention Week for Insider Louisville, both 2X and Baylor told me about their recent experience getting a colonoscopy.

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