Saturday, August 02, 2014

“You have speed limits saying one thing and you have highway engineering saying another.”

Maybe someday, someone actually employed by the City of New Albany will find saying something about Jeff Speck's work here preferable to months of silence. Until then, we'll have to do some vicarious living via Albuquerque. Insert wrong turn jokes as necessary.
City planner poses big changes for downtown ABQ by Chris McKee (KRQE) 
Oklahoma City has done it, now Albuquerque is considering major changes so more people walk and bike downtown. 
A well-known city planner has some big ideas including changing one way streets to two-ways, and possibly getting rid of that center lane on Central Avenue. 
The ideas come from a man named Jeff Speck. He’s spent the last several years doing “walkability” studies in downtown areas across the U.S.. 
“Create an environment in which the sidewalks feel more comfortable for pedestrians but also bicyclists to feel more welcome,” said Speck. 
So far, Speck has done about 20 walkability studies. He says downtown Albuquerque’s streets are “easy” to change. 
“Not to give you a hard time but from a national standard, looking at best practices around the country, you (downtown Albuquerque) do have some of the most fixable streets that I’ve come across,” said Speck in an interview with News 13 on Thursday. 
Overall, Speck is suggesting taking some space away from cars downtown and giving it to pedestrians and bicyclists.

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