Sunday, July 27, 2014

From Königsberg to Kaliningrad, but not back again, though maybe ...

The building to the rear, which never has been used, testifies to the vitality of one-party rule. Give Floyd County Democrats a chance to copy it, and it will be standing where the Reisz building is now.

Given the pervasiveness of geographical ignorance, Kaliningrad's existence probably is unknown to most Americans. Given the ubiquity of historical ... well, that Kaliningrad once was Königsberg, and much of what is now Poland was Germany before WWII are two other facts obscured by the need to dine sumptuously at Zaxby's.

Never mind.

I mean, literally.

Resurrecting Königsberg: Russian City Looks to German Roots, by Susanne Beyer in Kaliningrad, Russia (Spiegel Online International)

The Allies bombed the Prussian city of Königsberg into the ground in 1944. Residents of what is today the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, a desolate Soviet landscape, are considering rebuilding the city center to reflect some of its historical German architecture.

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