Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A fetishization of wealth vs. capitalism's honorable foot soldiers.

Has it really been 13 years since the release of Fast Food Nation, the book by Eric Schlosser that examined "the local and global influence of the United States fast food industry"?

On the general theme of widening inequality, two recent articles in the Guardian considered food and eating. First, the moralism of fast food critics.

Don't look down on those who eat fast food, by Kathryn Hughes

Moralists sneer at people who choose McDonald's or KFC. But not all of us have time to cook a Jamie Oliver recipe.

Then, the glorification of wealth through dining.

London's restaurants: a grotesque display of opulence, by Tanya Gold

In the naked fetishisation of wealth that dominates the capital's most fashionable eating places there are no critics.

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