Monday, May 26, 2014

Boris Johnson gets his folkloric clogs on.

Boris Johnson is a blowhard, and it isn't readily apparent that his conclusion follows the premises, but no matter; you have to hand it to him for using the word "jacquerie" in the year 2014.

And his hair is longer than mine.

European elections 2014: This is one peasants’ revolt that Brussels can’t just brush aside, by Boris Johnson (The Telegraph)

... There is a kind of peasants’ revolt going on, a jacquerie. From Dublin to Lublin, from Portugal to Pomerania, the pitchfork-wielding populists are converging on the Breydel building in Brussels – drunk on local hooch and chanting nationalist slogans and preparing to give the federalist machinery a good old kicking with their authentically folkloric clogs. There are Greek anti-capitalists and Hungarian neo-fascists and polite German professors who want to bring back the Deutschemark. They are making common cause with Left-wing Italian comedians and Right-wing Dutch firebrands and the general slogan is simple: down with technocracy, down with bureaucracy, and give power back to the people!

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