Monday, April 14, 2014

On that "drunk mouth-breathing hilljack," and a reminder that Harvest Homecoming draws ever nearer.

The comment below was posted on Facebook, and while my friend LF refers in this instance to her home in downtown Jeffersonville during Thunder Over Louisville, it might also describe the wonderful, recurring sensations to be experienced "In the Heart of the City" during New Albany's four-day-long Harvest Homecoming, coming this October whether we want it or not.

As a side note, the city of New Albany continues to insist that it stands ready to arbitrate the increasingly burdensome HH presence in downtown New Albany, and has a person in place for just such a pro-active thrust.

Mind you, the city hasn't done anything to date, but hey; it's only April, and we have $19 million in parks projects on the periphery to finish prior to next year's election.

Yawn. Take it away, Jeffersonvile resident.

Ahh, the joys of living downtown. Some drunk mouth-breathing hilljack walking by on her way into the event zone, slurring about how she's already had so many beers - pushing a stroller - trips over her own feet and breaks a flip-flop. Starts cussing like a sailor, tries to balance her beer on my fence, it spills everywhere - her, baby, my yard. So she's hanging out barefoot in front of my place while her Mexican companion heads in the opposite direction, probably to walk to the Dollar General to buy her a new pair of shoes. A fairly accurate representation of 75% of the people who have walked by so far. Most of them multitasking by casing the contents of my car as they pass. #Thunder baby!

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