Friday, March 07, 2014

Walkable New Albany now is on Facebook.

I originally predicted it for January, and was only a bit off.

But Walkable New Albany now is on Facebook, thanks primarily to the efforts of the Bookseller, for whom the kudos are reserved.

A walkable city builds community, increases opportunity, and enhances prosperity. Through public policy and private activity, New Albany, Ind. can thrive.

Walkable New Albany is dedicated to the proposition that what the city does to enhance walkability has a positive, multiplier effect on many other aspects of urban quality of life: Personal health, quality of life in our neighborhoods, safer and calmer streets, and independent small business.

Walkable New Albany represents the outgrowth of numerous suggestions offered during last fall's initial two-way street advocacy campaign. If greater citywide walkability is the goal, and we believe it is, then street direction is just one facet. Walkability as a whole embraces numerous themes in a larger context.

Walkable New Albany's timing is impeccable. Jeff Speck will be studying us, and the greater our understanding of walkability, the better chances of his prescriptions being implemented.

Thanks to Randy for getting the feet moving at Walkable New Albany. 240 likes in two days is quite good, and it's a wonderful cross-section of the community. Thank you.

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