Thursday, February 13, 2014

Just for Valentine's Day: "Indy's last pornographer can't capitalize on retro-raunch."

Searching online for coverage of yesterday's legislative hearing, I stumbled across this.

Arguably, it is the finest Valentine's Day feature in recent memory.

Indy's last pornographer can't capitalize on retro-raunch, by Will Higgins (IndyStar)

At 82, Rivoli operator recalls the "golden age" and the moral outrage that snuffed him out on Valentine's Day 1992

Valentine's Day is a sad reminder for a lot of people but especially for Charles R. Chulchian.

It was on Valentine's Day, 1992 that Chulchian was forced by the city of Indianapolis to shut down his business. He ran porno movies at the Rivoli Theater on East 10th Street. He had rock concerts there, too, occasionally, but his chief revenue source was dirty movies. He'd screened them since 1975, since the advent of the genre's so-called "golden age," when the films began to have actual story lines and their stars, like Linda Lovelace and John C. Holmes, came close to being mainstream celebrities.

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