Sunday, February 02, 2014

"How We Will Defeat HJR-3 in the Indiana Senate."

Verbatim from Freedom Indiana. Does Silent Ron have heartburn yet? It's okay. He's a pharmacist.

My guess is that Silent Ron will NOT appreciate the rally in New Albany planned for Wednesday, February 5:

Join us at our Community Meeting in New Albany this Wednesday. This is the final push to stop HJR-3 in the General Assembly.

After Grooms votes in favor of this abomination, let's just hope that Chuck Freiberger is paying attention.


It's been a pretty intense couple of weeks in our campaign to stop the anti-freedom HJR-3.

So much has happened. And together, we've made A TON of progress in defending liberty for all Hoosiers.

But as HJR-3 moves to the Senate, we have our work cut out for us if we're going to defeat this amendment once and for all.

Check out our new graphic to see our latest progress and what lies ahead as we work to stop HJR-3:

There's no doubt about it: amending HJR-3 to remove the second sentence was a historic step -- one that many thought we could never accomplish.

Still, HJR-3 is alive, and in the coming days, our opponents in the Senate will try as hard as they can to reinsert the hostile second sentence that would permanently ban all protections for same-sex couples ...

 ... Share our latest graphic on Facebook and Twitter to explain what's next in our campaign and ask your friends to join the movement to stop HJR-3.

The only reason we are closer to keeping this amendment off the ballot in November is because Hoosiers like you have spoken out, shared your stories and made an unbelievable impact.

Onward to the Senate,

Megan Robertson
Campaign Manager, Freedom Indiana

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