Thursday, February 06, 2014

Bankers on trial in Ireland, so why not in America?

We haven't looked in on Charlie Pierce in a while. He's still truth-telling at Esquire, this time previewing a forthcoming trial at which bankers responsible for the crash won't be getting bonuses and promotions, but quality time in a court of law. Let's hope they burn -- figuratively, of course.

Ireland Gets It Right

Again, the Irish seem willing to do their homework.

This is taken as an unmistakeable sign that since the crash many voters continue to hold much of the political and financial establishment in low regard. Such sentiment has been if anything sharpened in recent times by a series of revelations which have led many to complain that the pain of austerity has not been shared equally throughout society. There has been anger at disclosures that some in the higher reaches of public life, including official bodies, have been receiving very substantial salaries, pensions and benefits. There has been particular public indignation that some such money was apparently originally intended for charity.

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