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A reminder: My columns at are now running weekly, at least for so long as my muse stays happy and focused. There may be vacation weeks, but the aim is to do this 52 times in 2014. The columns will appear on Monday morning, until further notice. Here at NAC, On the Avenues continues as a weekly column, published on Thursday. After all, you're entitled to my opinions.

Most recently (and below): Beer stories and bedtime for gonzo (December 30, 2013)

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Beer stories and bedtime for gonzo

by Roger Baylor
“All great literature is one of two stories; a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town.”
--Leo Tolstoy
It’s been a long, strange trip, hasn’t it?
The first brewing insurgency of the modern American era began at New Albion Brewing Company, which began operations in Sonoma, California, in 1976. Auspiciously, a revolution in beer was spawned in the very same year as America’s Bicentennial celebrated the culmination of a previous uprising.
As a casual student of history, I’m aware that almost inevitably, revolutions consolidate into their own systematized pecking orders, even as they mature and gravitate toward future appointments with reinvention (arguably the best case scenario) or, more often, messy counter-revolutions.
Maybe we’re witnessing one or both of these outcomes just now in the world of beer.

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