Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Best robot generated newspaper comment of the month.

Pence ceremonially signs a bill. Boys will be boys, and robots create agitprop to order.


Governor holds ceremonial signing of bills at Ivy Tech


This Ed guy is the real deal, putting kids ahead of all the yelling that goes on about schools. I was one of those kids that went through the cracks. I kept getting passed or not passed and I kept hating school because I never knew enough to go on to the next class. When it was time for graduation they gave me a waiver so I could graduate. I remember thinking to myself that if graduation was supposed to be this big accomplishment they keep talking about then the truth was I didn't accomplish a thing. If I would of only known all along that all I had to do was get the waiver I could of kept from wasting all that time and all the school's time too. When I decided to go to college I needed a lot of classes to catch me up to be qualified for college. It cost me a lot of money and two years of my time. I did do it but I wouldn't of had to if there would of been this law in place. I don't have the money to finish college and I have a hard time. But I want to say to all the teachers at NAHS who stood around gripping about laws and funding and stuff like that that they would of better spent their time trying to help me learn. I wish they would of. So I say THANKS to Ed Clere and the Govenor for this bill. Wish they would of done it sooner.
- boy who was passed

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