Sunday, April 21, 2013

John Dean should know Nixonian, and the McConnell tape ain't it.

Where else but the Commonwealth might we expect to experience such a heavenly confluence of pure entertainment?

At The Ville Voice: It’s Progress Kentucky Scandal Round-Up Time

Who knew the story of the Progress Kentucky-Mitch McConnell scandal would end up involving guns, drugs, murder, gay escorting and full-on mental illness?

It’s a story so crazy no one would believe it without documentation to back it up.

Here’s a round-up of our coverage for those who still haven’t dipped their toe into the water ...

What's being lost in all this is that Mitch McConnell is an incredible dirtbag, and far more Nixonian than whatever bumbling antics are being directed against him.

John Dean: The McConnell Tape Isn't Watergate and May Not Be Illegal, by David Corn (Mother Jones)

This is interesting. John Dean, Richard Nixon's White House counsel and a star Watergate witness, has weighed in on the McConnell tape controversy. His take: This ain't Watergate, and the making of the tape probably wasn't illegal.

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