Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why is it that Lineal Contracting didn't clean up its mess?

It may seem like small beer to some, but 7 to 10 days ago, a company called Lineal  Contracting was traveling up and down Spring Street, attaching a cable of some sort to Duke's poles and chopping through the canopy along the way.

I wrote first wrote about it on March 2:

Is Lineal Contracting planning on cleaning up its mess?

Apparently the answer is "no." Lineal's gone, and the mess remains.

I keep my verge clean and relatively litter free. If nature drops branches on my stretch of the verge and the sidewalk, I'll pick them up.

But can someone tell me how Lineal Contracting trashing the area is any different from throwing Rally's bags on the same spot?



lay the pipe said...

If the only thing you have to complain about in New Albany is a few sticks, you've probably got one stuck in your a**. Next time you want to complain on the internet, make sure it's not about a few sticks that had to be cut so you can get on the internet.

The New Albanian said...

Hey, wait -- I know you. You're the guy who left the campground dirtier than you found it, right.


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