Saturday, January 05, 2013

Gotta proverb for that? Meanwhile, New Albany’s bicentennial history, error-by-error.

It's hard to believe that Gregg Seidl turned down the News and 'Bune's invitation to serve on (another) select small advisory committee, one charged with suggesting weekly New Albany bicentennial story ideas to a congenitally absentee newspaper management cadre that bears bearing no real sense of New Albany.

Gregg WAS asked, right?

But of course he wasn't, and I knew that when I asked the question at Facebook. Gregg replied with tact, grace and dignity, and he is to be commended for taking the high road, as always.

I'll speak only for myself: This is not about Dave Barksdale, Vic Meginnity and Marcia Booker, the advisory committee members enumerated in the editor's explanatory piece (below). They'll come up with solid, predictable, conservative suggestions for a solid, predictable, conservative series, one best read while baking white bread out of surplus school paste and Coors Light.

Rather, it's about the News and 'Bune's typically and traditionally tone deaf way of doing business, and the city's utter, ongoing bungling of the bicentennial to date.

Gregg should have been consulted about the megabuck coffee table book that was farmed with borrowed money to an out-of-state, paid hack. He wasn't asked. Now he isn't asked to contribute to the newspaper's weekly effort, dooming us to the same view of the same people ... yet again.

I'd ask the newspaper's management to speak for itself, but frankly I'm afraid it might result in the publisher's daily social media Bible verses becoming pop-up ads at the web site. Then I'd have to get really annoyed. Are these people ever going to get it?

Now there's a bicentennial article idea, Amanda.
VAN HOY: New Albany’s history, week-by-week, by Shea Van Hoy (News and 'Bune)

The News and Tribune would like to thank the three committee members who helped brainstorm ideas for this list and will continue to be a wealth of information through the year-long series. We wish to publicly recognize David Barksdale, Marcia Booker and Vic Megenity for their participation and keen memories.

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