Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gonder: "If Life Hands You Lindens, Make Lindenade."

As usual, councilman John Gonder is thinking.

Not only that, but he writes coherently to convey his thoughts. As these qualities are so rare hereabouts, they are to be encouraged in political aspirants.

John's thoughts on a Not Linden Meadows aquatic center trial balloon suggest an obvious question, which promptly is asked in the comments section: Is there demand for an aquatic center? John believes there is, although perhaps not at the $9 million bonded support level.

Okay, seriously: Is there concrete evidence of public demand for an aquatics center? Not a hunch, but something certifiable? I see little, but as I've conceded before, perhaps as a non-swimmer who prefers to stay dry, I may not be listening in all the right places.

If Life Hands You Lindens, Make Lindenade

At yesterday's Redevelopment Commission meeting I floated a lead trial balloon of turning the woebegone property of Linden Meadows into a water park.

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