Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Taxes, Norquist, GOP defectors and other joyful noises.

We've been here before: From Norquist to Torquemada to Brambleberry: Pathologies of tax "reform."

Reading this, I find myself wondering: Does our local Democratic Party possess some variety of opinion on this topic -- you know, something mildly principled, or perhaps even a platform plank?

(A hush descends. Ted Heavrin coughs ominously. Somewhere, a dog barks)

What was that?

Muffled gurgling sounds?

Um, well ... right. Carry on, Frank. Please, carry on.

Is Grover Finally Over?, by Frank Bruni (New York Times)

... Someday someone will write a dark history — a farce, really — of how (Norquist) managed to bring nearly all of the Republican Party to heel, compelling legislator upon legislator to lash themselves to his no-new-taxes pledge. Until then we’ll have to content ourselves with his misfortune over the last few days. No sooner had a nation digested its turkey than his goose began to be cooked. The spreading rebellion in the Republican ranks was manifest on the post-Thanksgiving Sunday talk shows.

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