Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Specifically, a wine dinner. Generally, about local and regional wines.

Over at my Potable Curmudgeon blog, I've posted a review by Shane Campbell of last week's wine dinner at Bank Street Brewhouse, which we staged along with our friends at the Huber Winery.

Shane Campbell reviews the Huber Winery/Bank Street Brewhouse dinner on November 13.

Yes, I'm the beer guy around here, and yet in recent years, I've become re-acquainted with the joys of the fermented grape -- not by means of vineyards in California, Chile or France, but through visiting Starlight, Bloomington, Madison and downtown New Albany, and asking questions, listening and sampling. Our regional wineries are crafting wines for all tastes, and stereotypical sweet fruit wines no longer are the norm (they're still available if that's your gig).

Maybe it's ironic to use the craft brewhouse to make this point, although if so, the conclusion is no less valid. There are a couple dozen wineries or more within an easy drive of New Albany and environs. They're fun places. Visit with open minds and palates, and enjoy. End of sermon.

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