Sunday, July 01, 2012

A jeer with a bit of jaundice, but what can be expected from mere reporters, anyway?

I meant, "Stenographers."

My two cents: Business owners on the Grant Line corridor had ample warning as to the road being closed at the rail crossing; specifically, our criticism has to do with the visual manner that stretches of road on both sides of the rail crossing were signposted and blocked with impediments (undoubtedly to deter big trucks), thus giving an APPEARANCE of shutdown when in fact autos could proceed to retail destinations.


... to the City of New Albany, the Indiana Department of Transportation and the contractors in charge of the Ind. 111/ Grant Line Road construction work.

Last week, local businesses had to write their own signs and post them alerting people they were still open because of the confusing signage placed along the route when Grant Line Road closed at the railroad crossing. Unfortunately, this has been par for the course on this project. Whether it be massive potholes created on the sides of the road and interstate exit, the lack of information shared with business owners or the near daily shifts in apparently closed lanes, there’s been a lapse in communication on this effort that at times has led to quite dangerous situations. Yes, with every great road improvement comes some pains, but many of these are unnecessary. Perhaps if the city spent as much time informing the public of the traffic situation on one of its busiest roads as it does touting and explaining parking for its Live@5 concert series, the situation would be much better.

— News and Tribune


... to the city of New Albany for making a decision Wednesday to cancel its weekly Live@5 event scheduled for Friday.

This move because of extreme heat in the forecast gave ample time to spread the word that the weekly concert would not be held.

— News and Tribune

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