Monday, July 02, 2012

Both beginning: Independents Week and a 365-day journey.

Kate Caufield's 365 day journey starts today.

What journey? Well, I am going to attempt to make as many of my daily purchases, entertainment, food, groceries, etc for my family of four from independent, local businesses in New Albany, IN as I can for 365 days, and anyone that would like to follow along and encourage, comment, jeer, vex, pontificate, advise, admonish, make suggestions, or tease is welcome to share their thoughts.

She's blogging about it at New Albany 365.Not coincidentally, today also marks the start of Independents Week.

Independents Week is a time to recognize your community’s local independent businesses and the values they embody. It’s a celebration of their spirit of entrepreneurism and individuality, and an occasion to recognize their local contributions of time, talent, goods and services.


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